Open ET Map Competition
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This is it! Welcome to the first contest on TrackBase. Are you a map developer or interested in creating new ET Maps? Then that's perfect for you. Sign up right now and make sure to submit the best map. Any questions left? Check the FAQ! There are even really cool prizes waiting for you :)
Confirmed participants
Picture of KeMoN
KeMoN (ET: Legacy)
Picture of WuTangh
WuTangh (TWT)
& 5 more contestants..
Following requirements have to be met to make your submission valid:
  1. 16vs16 map The map should be large enough that at least 32 players can play it.
  2. Command Post as Secondary Objective At least one command post as a secondary object is required.
  3. At Least one Forward Spawn At least one forward spawn is required.
  4. Primary and Secondary Objectives There should be primary but also secondary objectives to make it more fun.
  5. Original Name Please choose a name for the map that does not exist yet.
  6. Detailed Readme We value a detailed readme file that is part of your final ZIP file.
  7. Quality Command Map Something that sucks most of the times is the command map. Make sure to submit a good one to win the first prize.
  8. Restricted Release Date You are not allowed to release the map before the end of the contest (31 August 2018). Please upload your final version of the map in a single ZIP file on the submit page before the end of the contest.
Picture of JoNny
JoNny (TrackBase)
Picture of Ray
Ray (W:ET Addict & Blogger)
Picture of Devil's Right Hand
Devil's Right Hand (TWT Admin & ET Mapper)
Picture of Thunder
Thunder (Coder, Mapper & Founder of The Wolf Team)
Picture of Ronboy
Ronboy (RtCW Mapper)
Picture of Fabi
Fabi (ET Mapper & Scripter)
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