Frequently Asked Questions
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When and how do I have to sign up?
Signing up is allowed from 1 March 2019 until 31 Juli 2019.
You can sign up using this link. Please note that you can only sign up in the specified time frame and only when you are not signed up yet.
Where and when do I have to upload my final map?
You can submit your map from 1 March 2019 until 31 October 2019. Make sure you are signed up first!
Please upload your finished map in a single ZIP file (max. 50 MB) using this link. Please note that you will only be able to upload when you have successfully signed up and you are in time.
I have submitted a file and want to update it. What to do?
Have you already submitted a map file and feel like there's still an error you want to fix?
No problem. You can simply upload another file here. It'll replace the most recent one and will become your new final submission.

P.S.: You can always download your latest submission here. ;-)
Who will judge my map?
There are five judges from all around the globe who will individually decide which map is the best in terms of gameplay, design, overall look, creativity & layout. You can find them here.
What are the prizes?
  1. First Winner You can CHOOSE between two absolute lovely prizes!
  2. Second Winner S U R P R I S E
  3. Third Winner 1,000 TrackBasePoints, equivalent to 10€ or 1 year of Premium Membership @ TrackBase
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